EASYKLEEN - Multiple Uses

Easykleen All in 1 Cleaner has excellent multi clean purposes:

* All Stain remover for clothing, bedding, upholstery and carpets - oil,blood,wine,coffee,fat,hair dye, pet urine and more

* Pots and Grill cleaner - removes the toughest fat,oil and grease with ease

* Sanitary cleaner - cleans and disinfects baths,showers,toilets,kitchen surfaces,walls etc.

* Mildew & Algae - removes with ease from showers,baths,ceilings and walls

* All in 1 Car care - washes vehicles with a polished look, car engines, insect and tar remover

* Weeds between paving - kills weeds with ease

* General uses - jewellery cleaner,clogged steams irons, kettles, fly & mosquito repellant, hair dye on skin, dog kennels - even for the relief of burns and sunburn....